//Mikey’s: Focus on a Sandwich

Mikey’s: Focus on a Sandwich


El Cochinito:
Our roasted pork loin, ham, in-house apple wood smoked bacon, melted manchego cheese and roasted poblano pepper with chimichuri and Best Foods mayonnaise on a sweet roll ? served warm.

?Outstanding combination of textures and flavors? to die for!?

Pulled Turkey Sandwich:
One of our customers had this to say about our outstanding pulled turkey sandwich:

“An amazing BBQ’d pulled turkey sandwich on a crusty yet soft roll, slathered in a tangy and refreshing slaw with a vibrant smoky, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce covering juicy roasted turkey? My friend (who I split the sandwich with) declared it ?the best sandwich she ever had? and I agreed wholeheartedly. It was fabulous.”

Mikey?s Rubenesque:
We apply a generous amount of house made beer-thyme whole-grain mustard on two slices of baked-just-for-us rye bread. We then layer on Mikey?s Pastrami (our beef brisket brined for days before hickory smoking it for hours?) before adding a couple of slices of swiss cheese and topping it all with sauerkraut. Heated in our oven, Mikey?s Rubenesque is served warm, and like all Mikey?s sandwiches:

?Every bite is created equal?.

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