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Cork +Bottle

We offer the best selection of wines available in Puerto Vallarta as well as fine spirits from around the world in our climate controlled store.

Visit us to sample our tequila, raicilla and locally distilled whiskey. We also serve wine by the glass.

We at Cork + Bottle are here to help you choose that perfect bottle of wine to complement your menu, your palate or event. We love to pair food and wine and our skilled bilingual staff can assist you in navigating a wide and ever-changing stock of wines from all over the world, in all price ranges. We strive to have ?something for everybody? and will gladly source a particular favorite of yours or suggest a comparable product.

Some of our most popular wines including red, white and sparkling are available chilled, ready to take home or to that ?special dinner? or event.

Premium imported and national spirits and liquors are in store for you, including sherries and ports as well as bar supplies that are very difficult to find here, such as Rose’s Lime Juice, bitters, and Mr. & Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary Mix.

Check out our news and events page for upcoming events, wine tastings, and pairings. If you are interested in something a bit more personal, arrangements can be made for a private tasting.

Feel free to contact us with questions or orders (delivery available with minimum purchase)

Cheers! From Cork+Bottle

… a nice selection and very well informed about the various wines. This is not a place for cheap wine, but it is certainly a good place for Oenophiles (Jr, that means wine lovers).

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