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Don Fresco Puerto Vallarta Fresh Produce - Los Mercados

We pride ourselves at Don Fresco for offering you a bounty of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the area. Our climate controlled shop keeps everything fresh and tasty and you will love our selection and variety. This also means that we offer interesting and hard to find produce, such as fresh herbs, yellow lemons, sweet potatoes, shallots, fresh berries and more.

With Mother Nature?s help, we will be bringing you locally grown heirloom tomatoes and a wonderful selection of lettuces, kale and organic produce when available and in season. Only the best produce from our many suppliers and local farmers will make it into the bins of Don Fresco.

Besides produce, we also carry a varied selection of dried fruits, nuts, grains, cereals and spices. If you have been looking for pine nuts, quinoa, chia, dried cranberries and blueberries, sunflower seeds and other favorites, look no further, as we have them and in small sizes! Come in and visit our air-conditioned shop, it is by far the “coolest” place to “pick” your produce!

Eat your veggies!
The crew at Don Fresco

At the produce store (Don Fresco) we only bought some tomatoes but their produce looked very nice and fresh and we’ll certainly be back for more.

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Don Fresco Produce